Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Super Bowl XLV Recliner Giveaway at

The Pittsburg Steelers and Green Bay Packers will be facing off in Super Bowl XLV. Which team do you think will win? Predict the final score for your chance to win a black leather recliner by Mac Motion Chairs.

Black Leather Recliner

If you would like to win, write a blog post predicting the final score of Super Bowl XLV. Your blog post will need to include a link to our leather recliner page on Post a comment on this blog post linking to your entry blog post and include the final score and your email address.

The winner will receive a $399 USD gift certificate to use towards the purchase of the Black 7292 Series Leather Swivel Recliner with Ottoman by Mac Motion Chairs.

The deadline for entries is Saturday, February 5, 2011 at Midnight, PST.

On Monday, February 7, 2011, we will pick the person who is closest to the actual final score of Super Bowl XLV. If there is a tie, the winner will be randomly drawn.

Example Link Codes (Copy and paste into the html of your blog post):

Copy and Paste: <a href="">Leather Swivel Recliners</a>

Example: Leather Swivel Recliners


Copy and Paste: <a href="">Leather Recliner and Ottoman</a>

Example: Leather Recliner and Ottoman


Copy and Paste: <a href="">Leather Reclining Chair</a>

Example: Leather Reclining Chair

Find out more details on the official Super Bowl XLV Recliner Giveaway page. Good luck!

ATTENTION! You need to include a link to your blog post to be eligible to win the black leather recliner.

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Anonymous said...

I predict Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers score will
be 3 to 1, or whatever team
wins at the finals a 3 to 1 score.

Anonymous said...

Heidi says...

Green Bay will beat the Steelers
27 to 20.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh Steelers over Green Bay Packers -- score 31 -17

My leather recliner has been scratched by the cat and is shredded, it needs to be a new one---please send it my way.

Anonymous said...

my prediction is green bay 31 and pittsburgh 13

Anonymous said...

Green bay 31 and Pittsburgh 13

Anonymous said...

Green Bay 30 Pittsburg 24

Anonymous said...

I predict the Steelers will stump those cheese heads.

Anonymous said...

The Steelers will win 21 to 17.

Leather Swivel Recliners

Joshlin said...

I blogged about it at

My prediction is:
Green Bay-20

savingmomssanity at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I will be attending the Super Bowl this year for the first time in my life and am quite excited. My prediction is that the Steelers will beat the Packers, 26 to 21.

Anonymous said...

Packers over the Steelers 24-21

Anonymous said...

Green Bay Packers 28

Steelers 21

Anonymous said...

Wow that is a nice chair. GB 27 Pittsburgh 24

Anonymous said...

I blogged about it and predict an upset.


Anonymous said...

green bay will beat the steelers 33 to 31

Anonymous said...

I like the packer,s over steelers,by a touch,or less.

Joyce said...

Final score: PACKERS 37; Steelers 13--GO PACK GO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Packers 27 Steelers 21

EALSKI said...

Packers 28
Steelers 21

Anonymous said... Green Bay Packers will win 28 to 13 against Steelers.

Anonymous said...

I predict the Packers will win 24-17. I really hope the Rapist big ben doesnt get another ring he definetly doesnt deserve it!!

Anonymous said...

I predict STEELERS over the PACKERS with a score of 27-26.

Leather Recliner and Ottoman

Leather recliner and ottoman.


Anonymous said...

I'm quite sure that the Pittsburg Steelers will win the superbowl. I'm having a superbowl party and all my friends will see that I am right about the winner. I say the Steelers will score 42 to Green Bay 20. I've been watching football for over 30 years and I never miss a superbowl game. I have a new grandson and one day, he too will play in the superbowl. I'm super glad that the game will be held in Dallas, TX. Maybe one of my good friends will stop here in Houston and pick me up and take me to watch in person.
James Burnsed

Diabetic Snacker Reviews said...

Wow I'd love to win this thanks for the chance! Here's my post and predictions:

Green Bay Packers 28 to 24


BessieLou said...

Pittsburg Steelers 35
to Green Bay 17.

I blogged here:

Sure hope to be your winner. I'm a die hard football lover.

Bessie Burnsed thanks you.

@nola727 said...

nolagirl727 at yahoo dot com

My prediction:

Packers: 37
Steelers: 24

jellosheriff said...

31-28 Pack
my email is in my profile (hotmail account jennifer228)

Anonymous said...

I say the Steelers will score 42 to Green Bay 20.
James Burnsed

Anonymous said...

My prediction is Green Bay 29 and Steelers 31. This recliner is a beautiful thing.

Mcgowan20 said...

I posted about it at

The steelers will win 35-24

Cecile said...

I posted about it:

cecilepryor at yahoo dot com

martin said...

I predict that this will be a very close game with Pittsburgh barely nudging Green Bay in overtime 20 to 17. I know this as I will be dreaming about sleeping through halftime in my new recliner linked below.

Anonymous said...

I predict that the Green Bay Packers will score 24 and the Pittsburgh Steelers will score 17.

xmd5 said...

Steelers 29
Packers 17


Altrotiroaltroregalo said...

Here we are!
My blog post is here:

My prediction:
Pittsburgh Steelers will beat Green Bay Packers 33-27.


Thanks for the chance.

daniel thornton said...

Blog post:


diesel51 said...

I think Green Bay will win 35-27

I would love to relax after the game in this chair next year for the game. This year I will be jumping up and down cheering.

Jill said...

The cheeseheads will most likely win. I predict the score to be:

Greenbay : 28
Pittsburg: 10

Leather Swivel Recliners

Leather Recliner and Ottoman

PowerSweepstaking said...

GB 24

blog post at:


Robin T said...

I predict the Packers with win with the final score being 24-20

AUTHOR said...

my prediction

packers 24

steelers 12

Erika said...

I predict Pittsburgh 28 Green Bay 24

John said...

I'm predicting a Green Bay win. Wish I was enjoying the game in that chair.

Diane52 said...

It will start off very exciting ... for the first ten minutes or so-then Green Bay will lead the whole rest of the way. Green Bay will win by a rather large score. On Monday more people will talk about the commercials than the actual game.
Diane Baum

Anonymous said...

I predict the pittsburgh steelers will win against green bay.

Final score will be 24-20

Anonymous said...

Amy says...
STEELERS all the WAY!!!1
final score steelers 27, green bay 17

Anonymous said...

AMY says....
Steelers all the way!!!!
steelers 27, green bay 17

Susanmeep said...

My preditction is
Green Bay Packers-27
Pittsburgh Steelers-17

Go Packers!

I blogged:

bev said...

I think the green bay packers will win the super bowl, with a score of 24-21. Thanks for having the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Green Bay 27 - Pittsburgh 23

Anonymous said...

Pitt 24
GB 20

Leather Recliner and Ottoman

Betty C said...

My prediction:
Steelers 28 - Packers 21

Here is my link -

willitara [at] gmail [dot] com

Ardy22 said...

I predict the Packers will win 23 to 18


ardy22 at earthlink dot net

~dab said...

Here's my post. My email is visible in my blogger profile.