Friday, October 19, 2012

Kayla Kromer: Geekdom Rules in Design

Hello Gentle Readers!

A while back in one of our Top Ten lists we featured the awesome Hamburger Bed made by Kayla Kromer. It's an inventive bed made to look like a Hamburger (as if the name didn't suggest that right?). I've been on the look out for more awesome creations by Kayla and I stumbled upon two today!

I just had to share with the world. I'm impressed by Kayla's design sense and her utter geektasticness. So let me show you what I found.

First, the Millennium Falcon Bed! Yes, for you Star Wars fans out there, Kayla created a bed made to look like Han Solo's Millennium Falcon. Complete with pillows and lights that make you look like your flying through space while you sleep. It actually looks pretty comfy too!

The bed features two LED lights, blue rope lights around the bottom, map covered interior sheets, smuggler compartments to hide your … well anything and the cockpit even has room to hold your Star Wars action figures. You get to pick who drives your dreams at night!

I also found this incredible Rooster Teeth Couch that Kayla made for! Opens with a remote! I don't have much more information on this piece but we certainly love Kayla's style here at WFB.

I hope you enjoy Kayla's work as much as I do!

Happy Designing!


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Friday, October 12, 2012

Jiujie Chair: Like a Birds Nest

Hello Gentle Readers!

I come baring a very interesting office chair design that I found today. Sometimes it takes me a little bit of time to settle on the cool feature of the week but this time it was easy! I have chosen the Jiujie Chair by Jamy Yang for Steelcase. This chair came from a crossover project based on the “think chair” by Glen Oliver Low.

The chair is made from an eco-plastic developed by Jamy in 2010. The chair's skeleton is woven with the cut-off eco plastic to create a colorful nest-like overhang on the chair. The idea is that sitting in the chair with the plastic overhang will force the user to consider the environment and the constantly increasing waste.

I'm not really sure if this product would be right for everyone but an ultra modern office or home design would be perfect for this chair.

Obvious drawbacks would be that it looks like it would be hard to keep clean and dust free and since I'm not 100% sure what kind of durability the material is, it could be prone to tearing.

Overall though, this office chair is just plain awesome. I'd put it in my wishlist (when I have a million dollars).

Yang Design is a design consultant in China and works in the home appliance, consumer electronic, home and lifestyle industries. Some of their clients include Absolut Vodka, Dupont, Audi, and Hitachi.  

Happy Hunting,

ps. What do you think of this chair?

Friday, October 05, 2012

The Hollow Chair: Furniture Storage Solution!

Hello Gentle Readers!

As an avid reader I have to admit any piece of furniture that is or integrates a bookshelf is incredibly appealing to my sensibilities. Though the invention and purchase of the Kindle have limited how many hardbacks I buy these days. That being said, bookshelves and storage spaces are always a good idea in anyone's home.

In my search for a new design or designer to feature for you today, I came across this Hollow Chair by Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs. The chair can be used to store just about anything but for me, it would be the perfect bookcase. Just sit back and read, when you're in need for another book there's no need to give up!

The Hollow Chair is made from 618 individually cut pieces of Baltic Birch plywood cut out with a CNC machine. The elegant modern arm chair has a simplistic and affordable vinyl upholstery. “This chair was designed to remove the excess bulk and 3-dimensional footprint out of a traditional arm chair. The chair, by itself, is a perfect accent to nearly any environment you could place it in.”- Judson Beaumont

Straight Line Designs is a custom design and manufacturing company that lean towards the eccentric and whimsical styles. With installations in various Children's Hospitals including the BC Children's Hospital and Newark Beth Israel Children's Hospital in New Jersey, Straight Line Designs brings joy and child-like imagination to contemporary furniture design.

Operating from Vancouver, British Columbia, this design company is close to our hearts (and only 4 hours away!). With a dedicated staff of eight these designers will likely light up your day like they lit up mine!

Check out Straight Line Designs for some incredible furniture and room installations!

Happy Design Hunting!
- Ginni

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Friday, September 28, 2012

A New Spin on an Old Tradition: Sofa Bunk Bed

Hello Gentle Readers,

Once again I aim to bring you something interesting and unique to pique your design fancy. Today I want to show off this clever convertible sofa. Now, usually when you think of a convertible sofa a standard 'drop the back and create a bed' style is what your likely picturing. Or maybe a traditional futon is what comes to mind.

Well, this Doc Sofa Bunk Bed by BonBon takes not only the concept of convertible sofas but also space saving solutions to a whole new level.

You haven't seen a bunk bed or convertible sofa like this, I can almost guarantee that. Whether you want to optimize your kids room with a sofa/bunk combo that is a total spin on the traditional futon bunk bed or you have a very small living space for more than one roommate (and sharing a bed would just be awkward) this doc bunk bed is perfect for you.

Also, it's just plain old cool. Check out their YouTube video below.

Hows that for something new you haven't seen today?

Happy Sleeping!
- Ginni

ps. Do you have any cool pieces of furniture you've seen lately? Hit us up in the comments!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Furniture Designer to Watch, Taskeshi Miyakawa

Here at Wholesale Furniture Brokers the majority of our staff stare at furniture every single day and most of us are limited to looking at the furniture we sell. While WFB does have its fair share of interesting furniture our staff likes to occasionally look outside our current furniture bubble and see what else is out there.

Today I came across a Brooklyn based designer Takeshi Miyakawa. The thing that caught my eye about Miyakawa during my design research was the most recent press surrounding him. Back in May, 2012 he was aressted in New York for "planting false bombs". 

He was installing a series of light sculptures that were inspired by the 'I {heart} NY' plastic bags when a passerby mistook the installation as actual bombs instead of art. In late July, Miyakawa was given 10 days community service. 

However, the more interesting thing about Miyakawa is his work. While he has a lot of interesting furniture designs to choose from, my favorite is the Fractal 23.

Described as "a playful modular drawer system which can be opened from four sides. each compartment requires a consideration of 'what to store'." This unique storage solution will not only help you store, it'll will make you think. Measuring 28" x 28" x 28" the Fractal 23 takes storage solutions to a whole new level.

Another incredible piece of furniture designed by Miyakawa is the Zero Shift table.

Made of MDF and measuring 30"X x 61"L x 16"H this coffee table is an oval in two parts that when you slide the two pieces you inheriently change the configuration and size. Truly simplistic design at it's best.

Last but not least I have to highlight another one of Miyakawa's artistic installations. The "rite of spring".

The piece is made of 25 open boxes of varying sizes. Described as "two tree like forms are cantilevered off of two adjacent walls, meeting but never touching at the center. it is both a structural investigation, as well as sculptural evocation of life and growth."

While the rite of spring may not be meant as furniture I could see it being converted into a modern bookshelf. I can even picture the high ceiling New York loft it would be perfect for.

I will definitely be looking out for more of Miyakawa's work. 


So tell us gentle readers. What do you find inspiring?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Father’s Day Recliner Giveaway! Win a Leather Recliner and Ottoman from Southern Enterprises

We're giving away a brand new San Antonio leather recliner and ottoman from Southern Enterprises for Father's Day! The winner can pick from Black, Brown, or Taupe.

Visit Raising My 5 Sons to view the giveaway page and to find out how you can enter! You can earn up to 21 entries.

The deadline for entries is on June 16, so hurry on over to Raising My 5 Sons before it's too late!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kids Furniture Room Essentials: Round Up

Furnishing a room for your kids can be a challenge.  You can either surprise them, or you can shop together with them to pick out designs that they want.

You may want to stick with a theme, or give them a variety of designs. 

We've put together a collection of products for your kids.  It includes a variety of designs that you can pick from.  If you like any of the products in the collection, you can click through to find more matching items.

Get this look today (from top left):

1. Little Lizard Wall Border by Room Magic. 2. Boys Like Trucks Table / 4 Chairs Set by Room Magic. 3. Firetruck Toddler Nightstand by KidKraft. 4. Thomas & Friends Toddler Bed by KidKraft. 5. Black and White Fuzzy Dice Ottoman by Coaster Company